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10 Commandments of Blissful Computing

The Ten Commandments of Blissful Computing

PC First Aid

Panic Button!!! Click for urgent PC first aid
(steps to take in common crisis situations)

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware. Click here for tips on  handling Ad-ware, Spy-ware, and pop-ups.

You Might Need a Tune-up If . . .

You Might Need a Tune-Up If . . .

Top Ten Ways We Screw-Up Our PCs

Top Ten Ways We Screw Up Our PCs.

go to A-1 Electronic Recycling web site

A-1 Electronic Recycling (303) 366-1108  
--Located in Aurora, CO.  For drop off Recycling: Everything free of charge except TVís have a flat fee of $20, $5 per hard drive needing physical destruction as opposed to erasure, $5 per monitor disposal, Microwaves, washers, dryers, stoves, and refrigerators $15 per item, Media and Batteries Destruction  $0.45 per pound. Will pick up recycling (see website for fee schedule).  A-1 Electronic Recycling's mission is to reduce the environmental impact of electronic equipment use and keep computers and electronics out of landfills and into the arms of needy schools and deserving children throughout the United States. †   Click here to go to the A-1 Electronic Recycling website at http://www.a-1electronicrecycling.com


go to Eco-Cycle web site

Eco-Cycle (303) 444-6634    
--With centers in Allenspark, Boulder, Erie, Jamestown, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Nederland, Niwot, Superior, and Ward, CO. Recycles computers and other equipment (printers, scanners, monitors, televisions) on a discounted, per-item-fee basis.  Whenever possible, equipment is refurbished and distributed to local non-profits.†Click here to go to the Eco-Cycle website at http://www.ecocylce.org


go to Metech Recycling web site

Metech Recycling (formerly Guaranteed Recycling Xperts)  (720) 377-7700
--Located in Denver, CO, Recycles computers and collects computer donations, then refurbishes and distributes them to non-profits on a discounted, per-item-fee basis.†Click here to go to the Metech Recycling web site at http://www.metechrecycling.com.


go to the Atlas Metal web site

Atlas Metal & Iron Corp  (303) 825-7166
  --Located in Denver, CO.  Recycles older PCs on a per-item-fee basis. Click here to go to the Atlas Metal website at http://www.atlasmetal.com


go to Providers Resource Clearinghouse website

Provider's Resource Clearinghouse (303) 962-2270
--Located in Aurora, CO. PRC does not recycle older PCs, but refurbishes newer model PCs (Pentium 166 and higher) and distributes them to non-profits on a discounted, per-item-fee basis. Click here to go to the Provider's Resource Clearinghouse website at www.prccolorado.org/

Go to Neighborhood Link.com 

NeighborhoodLink.com enables neighborhoods across the USA to create their own free, interactive Web sites with basic components including: an "Interactive Area" to post information such as "lost dog" or "garage sale"; "Community Pages"; a "Free Classifieds" section, plus much more.

Featured Tech Tip Featured Tech Tip:
Dealing with Ad-Ware & Spy-Ware
  • Know what you're downloading.
  • Do not download from pop-up ads or music sharing sites.
  • Be cautious when closing pop-ups (close w/the X box or using
    Alt + F4 to close the topmost active window.
  • Do not open spam email.
  • Install, update, & run on a regular basis recommended Spy-ware/Ad-ware removal programs (Spybot Search & Destroy
    and Ad-aware).
  • Click here for more information on Ad-Ware & Spy-Ware.

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Click on the links below to view archived tech tips:
Removing Unwanted Programs
Virus Protection
Virus Wisdom
Speed-up Your PC
Scan Disk & De-Fragmenting

Useful Links for PC repair and troubleshooting 
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center Symantec's people do a good job staying current with the latest viral threats.  Use them for obtaining removal instructions and software tools that will destroy and often reverse damage done by certain viral agents.
McAfee - AVERT McAfee comes in close second for virus info and removal tools.
Cert/CC Virus Advisories The CERT Coordination Center site issues sporadic bulletins on viruses and other network security items of intense interest to the network systems pros.
Virus Hoax

Virus Hoax
This spot will help when you can't find the virus you're looking for in the other databases. They will also give you religion about spreading hoaxes, chain letters, jokes and other evil network resource gobblers.
FCC ID Search Form Totally useful site! You can cross reference the FCC ID number on the back of your otherwise unidentifiable modem, sound card, etc. with the manufacturer that hopefully did their (legally binding) duty and registered it with the FCC.
BIOS Numbers, identifying a motherboard, AMI BIOSs and Motherboards go together like hugging and loving. So if you're trying to ID a motherboard then give AMI a shot -- they're the biggest by far. They'll help your decipher that long string of numbers at the bottom of your BIOS/POST screen and enlighten you as to the manufacturer of the motherboard in question.
APCUG User Group Online Locator Use this link to help find a local User Group in your area. These groups can be found all over the country and are a great way to share ideas and questions and hopefully solutions to problems with real people in a fun and informal format. Most User Groups also provide forums for various software or hardware manufacturers to show their wares to you, their prospective, segmented market niche. It can be a good way to learn as well as sometimes winning free giveaways too.
DriverGuide.com (Drivers for printers, cdrom, modems, sound, mouse, monitors, etc.) You may end up getting junk email after you sign up for the The Drivers guide but if you're desperate to find a driver they will help you find one for just about any device in your computer.
Motherboard HomeWorld - motherboards.org This is a good site if you like to work under the hood of your over-clocked CPU roadster and share tips and secrets with other people that want to squeeze every last once of horse power from their hardware. Also works for normal people that need a manual, device driver or BIOS update for normally clocked motherboards
Windows Home Page Let's not forget the 20,000 lbs. gorilla. Time to face facts: most computer problems are software related. And, who makes the most software? I need not say more but I will. We PC users need to be aware of the problems and security issues that Microsoft has created and subsequently provided the fixes for. Their numerous oversights, mistakes and previously undetected security holes are discussed ad nauseam in the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base as well as many other locations within Microsoft's huge site. Good luck in finding what you're looking for though. But, I can attest to the fact that it can be done, eventually.
PC Magazine Online PC Magazine is the grand-daddy of all the the PC related rags. They have everything from tips and solutions to free utility downloads. They tow the Microsoft line pretty closely but they're still the preeminent resource for the PC power user and professional.
SubmitFree: Submit to 25+ Search Engines for free !!!! www.ineedhits.com allows you to submit your website to 25+ Search Engines for free.

Mobile PC Medic, Inc.:
Tech Tips Archives

Deleting Unwanted Programs Deleting Unwanted Programs
To keep your hard drive clean, do not simply delete old unwanted programs. From your start menu, select "Settings" and open your "Control Panel." Then click on "Add/Remove Programs" and under the "Install/Uninstall" tab, select the program you wish to delete. This will uninstall all associated program files, leaving your hard drive uncluttered with leftover preferences or other pieces of the unwanted program.
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Virus Protection Virus Protection
To protect yourself from the latest computer viruses, make sure your anti-virus software is set to automatically update itself. If your anti-virus software doesn't have this capability, ensure that you download its latest virus update at least once a week.
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Virus Wisdom Virus Wisdom
Most people believe that if they're careful when opening their email, they can avoid getting viruses.
They don't realize that almost all viruses come from those people we know and not from strangers.
The only way to avoid getting virus infections is to keep your virus protection running and updated constantly.

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Speed-up Your PC Speed-up Your PC
The best (and least expensive) way to make your computer run faster is to keep unwanted programs from starting automatically whenever Windows starts.
The MSCONFIG program works great for this in Windows 98/ME/&XP

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Speed-up Your PC Scan Disk & De-Fragmenting
Use both Scan Disk and De-Frag sparingly.
Do a standard Scan Disk maybe once a month a De-Frag once a year (at most).  Since De-Frag also does a "thorough" Scan Disk, you kill two birds with one stone.

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