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Computer Repair Serving the Greater Denver, Colorado
Metro Area


Mobile PC Medic, Inc:  303-337-7410
Data Recovery Services*

Software Recovery

Mobile PC Medic, Inc., specializes in ensuring the safety and usability of your data.

If Windows fails to work, and formatting your hard drive and reloading Windows is the only option, we safely and quickly backup your documents, email, and other data to our ultra fast, portable hard drives. This allows us to safely format (erase) the drive and reinstall Windows and your other programs. We then copy your data back to the correct locations so your programs can use it and you can get back to work.

Hardware Data Recovery

If your hard drive has crashed (is physically not working) then a trip to the Data Recovery Lab is the only recourse. Our Data Lab partners operate a state-of-the-art clean room right here in the Denver area for the sole purpose of extracting valuable data from dead hard drives. They are extremely responsive and do very impressive work.

10 Commandments of Blissful Computing

The Ten Commandments of Blissful Computing

PC First Aid

Panic Button!!! Click for urgent PC first aid
(steps to take in common crisis situations)

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware. Click here for tips on  handling Ad-ware, Spy-ware, and pop-ups.

You Might Need a Tune-up If . . .

You Might Need a Tune-Up If . . .

Top Ten Ways We Screw Up Our PCs

Top Ten Ways We Screw Up Our PCs.

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