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Computer Repair Serving the Greater Denver, Colorado
Metro Area

Mobile PC Medic, Inc:   303-337-7410
You Might Need a Tune-Up If . . . . . *

  • It's been over six months since your last tune-up.**

  • Your computer is running slow and you'd like it to run as fast as possible.

  • Your Internet web pages don't load as quickly as they used to.

  • You are getting Pop-ups and other questionable messages.

  • Your computer is in or near a high dust or particulate environment (like a dirt road, construction site, factory, service garage) or You have pets who shed.

  • Your computer is running hot or overheating.

  • You want to ensure that your backup is working correctly.

    **Tune-ups include:
    • Checking for and removing viruses and other malicious software
    • Removing unnecessary startup programs that slow down your PC
    • Speeding up your Internet by removing unwanted extensions & add-ons
    • Checking your antivirus and security settings
    • Installing free antivirus & anti-malware programs if needed
    • Dust blow-out if needed.  
PC First Aid

Panic Button!!! Click for urgent PC first aid
(steps to take in common crisis situations)

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware. Click here for tips on handling Ad-ware, Spy-ware, and pop-ups.

You Might Need a Tune-up If . . .

You Might Need a Tune-Up If . . .

Top Ten Ways We Screw-Up Our PCs

Top Ten Ways We Screw Up Our PCs.

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