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Computer Repair Serving the Greater Denver, Colorado
Metro Area

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The Ten Commandments of Blissful Computing*

  1. Thou shalt reset thy computer (turn it off then on again) when things go wrong, before reaching for the panic button, or making needless changes to your system.
  2. Thou shalt back up thy data regularly. And if its really important data, keep it safe from fire, flood and pestilence. Know thou that diskettes are fallible (as well as zips) so meter thy faith in such data reservoirs accordingly.
  3. Thou shalt know where thy data files are located on thy hard drive, and what type of files they are--knowing at least the extension (such as ".txt" or ".doc") of the files. Know also the names and locations of thy email and address book files.
  4. Thou shalt NOT delete programs or any file that was not created by thee. (Use "Uninstall" in the Control Panel to remove unwanted programs!!) Be thou not afraid however, to delete short cuts from thy desktop. For any shortcut can be discarded without affecting the corresponding program.
  5. Thou shalt be able to lay thy hands on thy original disks (the ones that came with thy programs and/or hardware as well as the ones that have been downloaded.) Be in possession as well, of thy serial numbers, if any, which might be needed to reinstall such programs.
  6. For thy ISP, Thou shalt have a complete and easily accessible list of its:
    • phone numbers
    • access numbers
    • Email POP address
    • DNS settings
  7. Thou shalt not smoke or drink near thy computer, and shall have the dust blown out of it at least once a year or more often if located in a dusty or smoky environment.
  8. Thou shalt never buy refurbished equipment or floor models. Know that thou shalt receive in fullness only that which thou doest pay out in cash. Nor shalt Thou ever buy extended warranties (but make sure thy regular warranty is at least one year in length!) And furthermore, to avoid needless hassles, complications and heartache, thou shalt consult thy computer tech before buying and installing ANY new hardware or software for thy system.
  9. Thou shalt use utility programs such as Norton's or McAffee's System Works sparingly and with the knowledge that they can cause more problems than they may solve (problems such as disabling your computer or merely slowing it down.)
  10. Thou shouldst use a virus checker program (such as AVG or Norton Antivirus ), running a complete virus scan on your entire hard drive on a weekly schedule, updating the antivirus program at its website prior to scanning each time . Be aware that the little test you may see at boot-up is not checking the entire drive - you must direct the program to this. Do not, even so, open attachments to any email that thou art not expecting before consulting with its sender.
PC First Aid

Panic Button!!! Click for urgent PC first aid
(steps to take in common crisis situations)

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware

Dealing with Ad-ware & Spy-ware. Click here for tips on handling Ad-ware, Spy-ware, and pop-ups.

You Might Need a Tune-up If . . .

You Might Need a Tune-Up If . . .

Top Ten Ways We Screw-Up Our PCs

Top Ten Ways We Screw Up Our PCs.

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